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    Olathe Masonry has been proudly serving Mission, Kansas since 1998. We understand the importance of quality masonry in construction. We take pride in our work so you can take pride in your project. Outstanding craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are the key motivating factors for customer retention in our business.

    We offer a wide selection of masonry work in Mission, Kansas for residential and commercial clients. Our team works hard to ensure you’re more than happy and satisfied with the end result.

    Why Choose Us as Your Masonry Services Contractor?

    With over two decades of combined experience, the high level of workmanship we bring to each masonry project is guaranteed. Olathe Masonry can take care of your brick and stone masonry needs. We can build the backyard patio of your dreams, give your property stunning and cost-effective flooring, and carry out almost any masonry work you may request.

    Our completed projects won’t just exceed your expectations. They will also increase the resale value and appeal of your home or commercial establishment. 

    Signs You Need Masonry Repairs

    Below are some of the signs that your property needs some masonry repairs. 

    Deteriorated or Missing Mortar

    Most brick or stone masonry walls need repointing every 15-20 years, and other factors may lead to earlier repair. When mortar deteriorates, it can affect the entire masonry structure. Bricks without sufficient mortar may rub against each other and warp.

    However, mortar repairs are not a DIY project. Using the incorrect mortar or faulty application can lead to earlier wear and more problems. That’s why you need an experienced masonry contractor for mortar repairs. 

    Frost Boil

    Frost boil or bulging bricks occurs when moisture seeps behind your brick masonry and disrupts the backing. This pulls or pushes the bricks causing them to bulge. Your masonry contractor will need to remove any affected bricks, repair the underlying damage, and lay new bricks. 

    Bowed Bricks

    Compacted bricks are altered from their original shape. Bowed bricks let water enter and damage your property. Several times, one compacted brick is a sign that there will be many others. Your masonry contractor may need to replace all affected areas and may need to add a push pier to your foundation. 

    Interior Damage

    Damaged masonry may lead to issues within your property. If you spot moisture buildup on your walls, feel drafts, or see deformed windows and plaster cracks, call your local masonry contractor for a repair. 

    Cracked Bricks

    Cracked bricks and stones naturally occur over time. However, cracks at an angle greater than 30° are a threat to your masonry structure. Even bricks that are not likely to allow a collapse can still affect your masonry. Call your masonry experts to fill any cracks to prevent water from leaking through the cracks or freezing in them during the harsh winter season. 

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