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    If you are looking for professional masonry services in Overland Park, Kansas, you want to find a business you can trust with your construction project. Whether you are considering your options for indoor or outdoor masonry, residential or commercial, the team of masonry experts at Olathe Masonry has the skill and experience to exceed your expectations.

    Does it matter which masonry business you choose? It does. After all, this kind of change to your home or business is an investment. That’s why you need to make sure you hire professionals to do the job right. 

    Whether your goal is to improve curb appeal or create a more functional area for your loved ones, our team can handle it. You tell us your vision, and we put our expertise and skills to work for you to bring your vision to life right before your eyes.

    What are the Types of Masonry Construction?

    Below are the common types of masonry construction that we offer at Olathe Masonry.

    Brick Masonry

    Brick is the most popular form of masonry being used today. Bricks are known to be durable and appealing, lasting many generations while remaining in style. They also come in a wide variety, from more traditional blocks to modern textures and colors.

    Bricks often take on serpentine masonry, which means that the lines included don’t follow a straight line. Instead, they take on a staggered pattern. Other types of masonry can also take on a serpentine style, which is known to add more strength to a building.

    Generally, bricks are made using clay, sand, water, and sometimes lime or ash. Different types of bricks can contain different ingredients that are mixed together and then pressed using a steel mold. Once they are shaped nicely, bricks are placed in an ultra-hot oven and baked into solid units. 

    Due to the unique way that bricks are made, it can be difficult to match brickwork. That’s why hiring a professional is a big help.

    Stone Masonry

    Dressed and undressed stones are the types of stones that can be used to create stone masonry. Dressed stone comes in more fluid sizes and patterns. Undressed stone or rough stone is laid as “rubble masonry”. It provides a less clean look and includes putting a wall together without a regular pattern. Instead, undressed stone provides a more natural and authentic look, which can be messy, but actually offers great-looking results.

    The Best Masonry Service in Overland Park, Kansas

    When done right, masonry construction can enhance any space- from the hearth, exteriors, and pool decks to patios, staircases, and courtyards. 

    At Olathe Masonry, we believe whatever style or type of masonry you choose, it is important to have attentive customer service to go right along with the specialized masonry services. From the moment you place a call, you will know your project matters to our team. 

    We are always available to answer any of your questions and provide you with as much guidance you need. We are only satisfied with our services when you are!

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