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The internet provides nifty and a handful of do-it-yourself home-improvement projects and because they seem so easy and way cheaper to makeover your home, you often tend to try them. But, sometimes, you still want home enhancements that are beyond your abilities and skills, and hiring the best masonry contractor can make your life easy.

For example, if you want a stone wall or brick chimney to be added to your kitchen space, it might be too big for you to consider as “DIY”. In this case, you need a team of mason specialists who can carry out and ensure that your home improvement will look incredibly stunning. Otherwise, you will end up wasting so much money and of course your time and efforts.

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This where Olathe Masonry comes in handy, we have handled a huge variety of clients both large and small. Our team commits to continue the masonry industry standards and this made us the top choice in providing world-class masonry solutions to our servicing area including Olathe Kansas, and other neighboring areas like Mission Kansas, Lenexa Kansa, Shawnee Kansas, Overland Park Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri for the past 23 years.

Olathe Masonry’s mission as a leading masonry contractor is to improve the overall structural quality and make every property a total masterpiece through our passion and craftsmanship. We take pride in providing only state-of-the-art products and world-class services in residential, commercial, as well as industrial fields. Our extensive years of experience, adept knowledge, a proper set of equipment and tools qualified us to deliver all ranges of brick masonry services from repair, installation, or replacement needs. 

About Brick Masonry

You have a lot to consider when you are planning to construct your dream home. Aside from completing the range of cost, design, and style benefits, bricks are the only best practical choice for every homeowner to be.

Here are some of the benefits it can bring to your home.

Bricks are energy efficient

When it comes to becoming energy efficient to bring warmth in winter and cool in scorching hot summer, bricks provide a perfect combination that has great building design to secure natural sources of energy. The thermal insulating plus the natural density qualities of bricks can bring insulation for the entire building temperature and moderate the energy consumption rates, to provide you whole year-round savings and comfort.

Bricks are low maintenance

Bricks don’t require other treatments like paints to preserve their natural beauty and durability. Even after many years will come they are still sturdy, durable, and require no maintenance. Bricks help you to save big on the overall cost and time required to maintain your home, rather than manufactured materials.

Bricks are weatherproof

What makes brick stand out among the rest of construction material is that it can stand the test of time, or even withstand the severest environmental conditions. If you use bricks, you don’t need to worry about repainting them, sealing, or other high-cost finishes. Bricks are weatherproof, are maintenance-free, brick’s cost-effective, and unbeatable performance that lasts for good.

Bricks are unique and colorful

If you are thinking of unique and creative construction materials, consider bricks as your option. From glorious vintage red, creamy almond, or golden light sand to vibrant rich chocolate even to smooth pastel palettes as well as shiny metallic; the natural hues of brick can provide extraordinary and unique lasting color design

Bricks are sustainable

From natural-made earth minerals that are found in shale, naturally, this is the essential source of clay. The brick’s longevity life cycle brings ongoing health and environmental benefits. Bricks are free from contaminants, resilient, re-usable, and naturally high-resistant to any pests even on fire. Bricks are safe to live in, making them the vital construction material to bring sustainable homes for every generation.

Signs That Your Bricks Need Professional Masonry Job

Here are some of the signs that can tell you to call Olathe Masonry for professional solutions.

Bulging Brick or Bowed brick

Bowed brick is caused by moisture that has leaked in behind the brick as a result; the bricks in your outer wall either jut out or cave in around a certain area. The seeped moisture either softens the wood or plaster behind the brick, causing the edges to sink in or distorts the brick that forces them to push out.

A mason specialist will remove the bowed bricks, and fix them immediately to avoid further damages to the property.

The appearance of vertical corner cracks

If you notice cracks, you don’t have to worry that the entire wall will collapse. However, the problem with vertical cracks is water can seep in during the rainy season. That can lead to bulging or bowed brick if you just neglect it; also it can create massive damage to your inner wall.

Compacted Bricks

You can easily spot a compacted brick by knowing if it lost its original shape. It might appear cracked or bowed. This might cause a problem to the entire construction: first, it creates a hole in your wall for water to get in and leak. But aside from that, a single compacted brick will almost cause more to the overall foundation of your home because it’s no longer adjacent to other bricks. Also, the pressure they need to remain intact is gone.

Deteriorating Mortar

The mortar between your bricks begins to crumble. Having no healthy buffer to uphold your bricks, they can start to rub against each other and loosen up causing big damage. This leads to costly repair and it can become hazardous if left unfixed immediately.

It can be avoided by calling Olathe Masonry from the moment you notice these telltales’ signs.

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