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In the construction world, it’s essential to understand that there are types of contractors. The general contractors are the ones responsible for overseeing the operation of the entire project. Oftentimes, they also hire subcontractors to manage a particular aspect of the construction’s development.

Masons are those who specialize in working with brick, stone, and often concrete; these are the materials that are essentially needed for a strong foundation. A masonry contractor can handle construction jobs that involve erecting chimneys and building stone walls, pouring cement basement floors and driveways as well as constructing brick or stone.

Olathe Masonry: Commercial Services

When it comes to planning to build your commercial spaces for business, it’s all about considering all important details. From choosing the materials to be used up to the finishing touches, a new commercial build requires a team of specialists coming from a leading commercial masonry company that can execute all projects regardless of how big or small.

And if you are looking for a masonry contractor, you can turn to Olathe Masonry. Our team upholds the highest professional standards. We have been in the business since 1998 and we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction, emphasizing providing the most affordable and upfront pricing.

Our team ensures that there’s an on-site project manager to oversee the entire construction. Olathe Masonry also commits to deliver an on-time project completion. By serving Olathe Kansas and other neighboring areas including Lenexa Kansas, Overland Park Kansas, Shawnee Kansas, Mission Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri in the most professional manner; we managed to establish our company as one of the pioneers in the masonry industry in Kansas City.

You can rely on our expert teams for all your commercial masonry needs. Our experienced and trained masons are ready to execute wide-range projects regardless of how big, small, and complex, to the maximum standards within your budget and on-time timeline.

Hiring the Right Masonry Contractor Matters

If you are going to convert your ancestral property into a commercial building, the most challenging yet crucial part of the construction is hiring the right masonry contractor. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who make promises that deliver the best outcome after construction, but sometimes this is not the case. Today, the internet is flooded with tons of “DIY” home improvement tutorials, however; trying them out is not the best idea most of the time.

Here’s why you need to only trust the mason specialists for any commercial job.

Expertise and Professionalism

It gives you peace of mind knowing that you have hired a team of experts and professionals for your commercial projects. They will make sure that they will only give their adept skills into every project to achieve your construction demands.

There will be times that a minor issue might arise like a crumbling stone; it could be dangerous and might affect the entire foundation. These kinds of repairs can be tremendously dangerous if you allow an amateur to handle the job. The best thing to do is to call a team of professionals that has vast experience and well-trained for this kind of situation to prevent your property from any damages.


Maintenance is equally an essential aspect in the world of construction. In terms of masonry construction, they are recognized as one of the easiest types of construction to preserve. They last up to many decades and more but require little to no maintenance. Cement driveways are also known to be durable and have a longevity that can withstand the test of time that has zero touch-ups.


Apart from being professional and expert in the industry, having the right contractor will also help you to save money, potential damages, stress, as well as time in the project. Having a handful of tasks is never easy and it will consume some of your time. You would need to go for proper training before you can gear up.

On the contrary, mason specialists can complete the job efficiently. They have lots of connections in the industry that can help you to have the best deals or discounts such as direct contact to a supplier of materials that are required in the project.

Increase the Resale Value

Shouldering all the burdens in masonry work can be risky. It may cause further damage to your commercial property rather than repairing it and this would finally depreciate the overall value of your property. Meanwhile, letting the experts maintain and refurbish the stone structures of your commercial property can increase and elevate its aesthetic appearance. Doing so will be more attractive to any potential buyer or realtor in the future.

Licensed and Insured Professionals

An established construction company needs to acquire proper licenses before they can provide their construction services and this rule is applicable in all states. The state’s license board will be the one responsible for overseeing the masonry contractors make sure that they will abide by the rules and regulations properly.

It is no doubt that it specifies that hiring a licensed masonry contractor for your commercial constructions guarantees you that your property is in the right hands.

From sourcing the highest quality of materials to work efficiency and value for money Olathe Masonry provides you with everything that you need to make your unique vision a reality. Aside from all of the amazing benefits we provide, we prioritize your safety and comfort by building a solid, safe, and secure commercial property.

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