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“You envision it, we build it. Delivering the same customer satisfaction since 1998”

Building your new home takes a lot of preparation from budgeting to choosing the types of materials to be used as well as hiring the best contractor who could help you.

Today, there are lots of building materials available in the market and that is why sometimes choosing which one to use is quite hard. You should consider stone masonry for your home; it comes with many benefits and one of them is they’re naturally durable and weather-proof.

However, to achieve all of this, you need someone who has the experience and expertise for this kind of job. And this is where Olathe Masonry can help you.

Olathe Stone Masonry Services

Olathe Masonry specializes in Stone Masonry Work. Our team can help you to achieve your home goals from the moment you reach us for an estimate until we complete your project. 

Olathe Masonry has all the resources and expertise, making us qualified to do it all. We have been in the business since 1998; we take pride in delivering world-class service and the best craftsmanship to our clients.

We can help you with all your Stone Masonry whether for your residential home or commercial needs. We have been continuously providing our services to our customers in elevating their homes with our stone masonry job. Aside from expertise Olathe Masonry has all the materials and equipment to make quality stone masonry projects delivered efficiently.

Our world-class stonework is an example of why we are the best choice in providing stone masonry service in Olathe Kansas. We are also proud to expand our service across the neighboring areas including Mission Kansas, Shawnee Kansas, Overland Park Kansas, Lenexa Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri for 23 years.

Our Stone Masonry Services

We understand that hiring the best masonry contractor can be challenging sometimes. But what’s also hard is trying to do it yourself! For these kinds of services, you need to let the professionals handle the job.

Stone Walls

Our team builds stone walls using a wide range of natural stone and granite. The walls are perfect to provide durability and improve the aesthetic appearance of any garden seating, landscapes, borders, or even retaining walls.

Often, we apply little to no cement to our walls because of the tight placement of each stone. The structure is perfectly formed to interlock stones by forming natural layouts plus a compact solid base. Meanwhile, the walls can vary from very refined with narrow lines to country casual. The capstones provide a dramatic accent to any design; whether it can be a blue stone, natural cut mantel, or granite.

Retaining Walls

Being in the industry for many years, we deeply understand how proper shaping and distribution of structures can fully give support and retain the soil from any kind of erosion. Retaining walls are critical in providing support to big piles of the weight of the earth that they have. And we at Olathe Masonry are very concerned about this matter. That is why our team guarantees to put our expertise in making designs that can deliver overall security and increase the face value of your property.

Patio & Pool Patio

Olathe Masonry provides a wide spectrum of patio and pool patio services including Walkways with Retainer Wall elements, Paver Stone Patios, Custom Patios with Outdoor Kitchens, BlueStones. We also expand our services to Patio/Walkway Combinations, Repairs and Installations, Wrap-Around Patios Brickwork, Concrete, Custom Fireplaces. Our team specializes also in Retaining Walls, Sitting Walls, Interlocking Pavers, Custom Pool Decks, Patios with raised sections, Custom Patterned Patios, Stonework, and Flatwork.

Whatever designs you have in your mind, let Olathe Masonry build them for you.

Concrete Foundation

Through the years; many people were still using concrete because of its capabilities and versatility. Most of the great works were built from it, but it was not always so. Every successful concrete story is because of its primary ingredient, the cement. Cement causes the chemical reaction that produces the sticky paste formation, making any concrete formation durable.

Our specialists have handled so many concrete jobs in Olathe Kansas, our satisfied customers are proof of how great our stone craftsmanship is.

Fireplaces and Chimneys

Olathe Masonry knows that a fireplace provides many functions to your home. From adding sparkle and cozy ambiance to your social gatherings and family time up to provide the utmost comfort as a fireplace is one of the primary heat sources. Our team ensures to provide you only the best service that you deserve and cares a lot about the project development regardless of how big, small, or complex it might be.

You can count us from the proper installation to the annual service. We guarantee you that we provide a complete package, and it means you get the most enjoyable, satisfying, and uplifting experience leaving your home with a wonderful, warm, and safe feeling.

Barbeque Works

We at Olathe Masonry have built tons of different highly customizable Barbecue projects for the past 23 years. We ensure that our unbeatable designs can match your home layout. We work on different ranges from stone veneer to brick veneered barbecue with fridge and dishwasher, galvanized drawers, and barbecues with quartz countertops.

Our team ensures that every occasion and family time is always the best; we meticulously design your barbeque works that can leave your visitors totally in awe.

Olathe Masonry houses a great range of unique ideas and expertise. Our mason specialist & professional staff are delighted to help you with your Stone Masonry Needs. Whether it’s residential or commercial, new expansion and construction, as well as multi-complex renovation projects, you can always depend on our team for a reliable, and cost-effective masonry job that is fully licensed, registered, and state board certified.

Olathe Masonry

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