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A masonry job requires vigorous efforts as well as extensive years of experience to be considered as a well-trained masonry specialist. This kind of work can be often seen to a large extent in Kansas City including the stoned works that are known to be one of the traditional forms of construction. The presence of masonry work even before the past centuries with the involvement of quality and craftsmanship is one of the deep passions being followed by today’s professionals who put in the same efforts and dedication to elevate the look and bring out the best style of every property.

Olathe Masonry takes pride by providing on all spectrums of masonry works today from stucco, cement, block, and brickwork to spread good craftsmanship in Olathe Kansas, and other neighboring cities including Lenexa Kansas, Shawnee Kansas, Overland Park Kansas, Mission Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri. 

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We at Olathe Masonry strive to put the best in our work to exceed your expectations in providing the best and durable work of construction that lasts. Our team has been personally dealing in all kinds of materials about our field for a long time. 

We want to  ensure that our masonry works become prevalent all through our servicing cities. We aim to provide the best optimal value in our masonry services and build a durable structure that can last.

We’ve been in the business since 1998, and we are considered pioneers in the masonry field. Our extensive years in the business make us the number one choice by our customers. Our specialists are well-equipped with the proper skills and knowledge as well as they already master the handling of different tools to make the job well done.

Our team commits to provide you with the world-class and professional service that you deserve. Our prices are affordable compared to other contractors and we bring exceptional results that exceed your requirements. It is our main duty to understand your needs and demands so that we can plan and execute them perfectly. We guarantee our clients to remain satisfied because of our skills and professionalism towards the work that we delivered every time.

Why Choose Natural Stones For Your Property?

Natural stone masonry gives a sense of sophistication to every property construction. These are strategically and delicately made to perfectly form a stone structure. Natural stones are also well-known for their strength and providing an exquisite appearance. Being exceptionally versatile is another valuable benefit of stone masonry; you can incorporate this kind of construction into any patio in different kinds of ways.

About Natural Stone Masonry

Natural stone masonry is all about assembling big stone units that are retained together through the use of mortar. The stone units being used can be either dressed or undressed. The dressed units adapt to specific sizes, and they come on even edges. Meanwhile, the undressed stones don’t have neat edges and they have multiple shapes and sizes.

Having that said, the dressed units are easier and manageable to arrange to come up with a clean pattern as well as to the installation. However, the random pattern shaped by a group of undressed stone never fails to provide uniqueness and sometimes has a more natural look.

Benefits of Using Natural Stone

Throughout ancient history, the use of natural stone has been widespread as a construction medium for ages. Many of the prestigious monuments from Greece and Egypt were crafted through the use of natural stone and still they are standing today. There is no doubt that these kinds of stones are proven durable; that is why even today, many homeowners still opt to use natural stones over other construction materials that are available for many reasons.

Here are some of the benefits of using a natural stone whether for the home construction or remodeling purposes.


Natural stones are renowned because of their durability characteristics and have the ability to endure the test of time. A good example of this is granite; it is unbeatable in terms of strength and this makes it an ideal material to use for complex structural projects like building monuments and walls and serves as supports. Natural stone is certainly sturdy compared to other artificial products available on the market.

They minimally show wear and tear over a period; above all, it provides homeowners more sustainable alternatives for interior and exterior home design.

Environmentally Friendly

From sourcing to processing natural stone as a prime medium in construction, there has been no negative impact on the environment; thus, this gives a practical and sustainable solution that will suit your housing needs. Compared to other artificial building materials, natural stones are naturally found and they only need little energy for their production.

And as technology evolves, there are new innovative ways that can be used to extract natural stone that is exceptionally efficient and most importantly, helps to lessen global environmental impact.

Also, natural stone does not emit harmful chemicals or release toxic air pollutants that can reduce the overall indoor air quality and can compromise your health and your family. You can also recycle and repurpose them – for instance; if you decide that you want to upgrade the old stones in one of the rooms of your home, you can simply find another area in your home and install them.


Natural stones are also the best option for those who have allergies. For instance, granite, marble floors provide a more hygienic option compared to carpets, which quickly attract dirt, dust, and other environmental pollutants. Natural stones are also proven to be safe if used around food, this makes sustainable solutions for sinks, countertops, and other common kitchen areas. 

Natural stones are also certainly fire and water-resistant and mold-proof – making it an exceptional choice in your house that are more vulnerable to water or fire damages like living room, kitchen, and bathroom,


While natural stone may initially appear expensive at first, the high price tag normally balances everything by relatively providing a low long-term maintenance expense and durability. Natural stone needs almost little but regular maintenance, and because of its sturdiness and supreme strength, it will last for many years.

Olathe Masonry Natural Stone Supplier

Every property and landscape requires exceptionally one-of-a-kind design; we at Olathe Masonry deeply understand that supplying a wide-ranging variety of natural stones is the key. Our team scrutinizes every sample and design exhibit before coming with a decision for the best material for your unique vision.

Olathe Masonry offers a wide selection of natural stone including granite, marble, bluestone, flagstone, Belgium Block, limestone, Vermont Slate, and numerous fieldstone as well as wall stone that will surely match your needs. We can walk you through the distinctive qualities of each natural stone and guide you towards the most durable and visually spectacular design choice.

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