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The most challenging and one of the most essential factors of house construction is having the right masonry contractor. A mason is a vital job in the world of construction and renovation of properties whether residential or commercial. They are the ones responsible for laying all the foundations and building the walls of a property; therefore, masons are in charge of ensuring the resilience and strength of the entire structure of our homes.

Just like any other decision in your construction, finding the right masonry contractor is something that needs to be done carefully. It would depend on a lot of screening before the construction. The best masonry contractor has extensive years of experience, adept knowledge and skills, and lastly; they have the right set of equipment so they can do the job efficiently.

Olathe Masonry

These qualities that Olathe Masonry exactly possesses to become qualified in the masonry job. With over 28 years of combined experience from our expert team, we have succeeded in giving world-class masonry solutions to our customers and delivering professionalism towards our work. We are the top choice in giving masonry services in Olathe Kansas and neighboring areas including Lenexa Kansas, Shawnee Kansas, Overland Park Kansas, Mission Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri.

Our success in the business stems from our technical proficiency, passion through our craft, attention to detail, professionalism, and a commitment to our work philosophy which is “job being done correctly the first time”. We specialize in all phases of Masonry Construction, our specialists have been expertly providing high-quality masonry services for properties city.

Your Thin Veneer Specialists

Olathe Masonry specializes in all phases of Masonry Construction; our mason specialists are experts in installing brick and stone veneers. Unlike some contractor or landscape companies who are only adept in working on flat or small stoop works. Our team consists of craftsmen who are highly trained and qualified in all facets of masonry works including big elevated thin stone and bricks veneer projects.

From brick veneers for your entire residential homes, huge chimneys that have in-built fireplaces, up to the smallest detail of your home that requires stone veneer jobs – we guarantee you that we deliver any project regardless of its size and shape. Having our scaffolding and planking system makes our veneer projects easy and done properly. Also, our team considers other factors to ensure that we only install the right kind of veneers that will serve as protection to the entire structure of your homes such as weather conditions and water drainage.

A brick or stone veneer installation for your home is also one of the best ways to elevate the entire appearance and increase the value of your home. Given a wide selection of stones and bricks veneer resources available day; it is easy to get that stone that best compliments and improves your home to achieve your unique vision and turn it into a reality.

Our team at Olathe Masonry worked with different types of stones such as natural stone veneers, paving stones, cultured stone, clay brick, and manufactured veneer products. Not only does brick and stone veneer make your home aesthetically pleasing; but the durability it brings and the little to no amount of maintenance it requires makes it still the best choice of materials for every homeowner.

Olathe Masonry Commitment to Safety

At Olathe Masonry, it is our ultimate requirement that every worker on the construction site is knowledgeable about the highest adequate safety measures regardless of how big or small the project is.

We understand that during construction hours, every single worker associated with our projects is prone to high-risk environments and hazards. That’s why; our comprehensive safety programs guarantee the safety and protection of the health of our workers at all times. Our team strictly adheres and commits to the health and safety measures standards and guidelines to provide the safest work environment for the workers.

Provide fall protection

There are always big hazards and risks coming from falls from high roofs as well as skyscraper buildings and falling debris in the construction site; in fact, these are primary causes of injuries and death in the construction field. Olathe Masonry commits to providing the best protection systems and equipment that are perfectly made from this kind of dangerous situation including personal fall arrest systems, guard rails, gloves, and harness and safety nets. We are always ensuring that fall arrest systems must properly inspect at all times before using them by our team. 

We always make sure that our equipment is working appropriately and they are free from any damages.

Value the eye and face protection

Our safety team at Olathe Masonry deeply understands that while doing masonry works; tiny debris such as dust particles, welding, and tiny pieces of flying metals, grit, and splashing chemicals can damage the eyes and affect the vision of our workers. To provide face and eye protection to our workers during construction operation; we ensure that all our workers must wear protective construction safety glasses that work as a precaution and provide safety to the eyes during employment.

Overall proper site security

To prevent any unnecessary damages occurrence; Olathe Masonry ensures that the construction site access is limited to some restricted individuals aside from our workers working on a specific project. Aside from preventing any injuries that might happen we also want to protect any construction equipment (from any damage or theft) that is often exposed and used during the operation. Our security is equally vital in safeguarding main pedestrians from any dangerous construction hazards that might happen.

Our team strongly believes in these safety protocols and strict security that will protect our workers from preventable liabilities in case of any safety incident or security breach emerge.

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